Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello. After much delay, I am finally closing the final chapter on my beloved Artcenter as a student. Although I always knew this day was going to come, I still couldn't believe it is only weeks away. Thinking back on all of my "glory" days as an "orange", I feel honored, privileged, and proud. I am grateful to all of those who inspired, taught, mentored, criticized and pushed me to be better. Especially grateful of my parents, for sacrificing so much of themselves for me to pursuit my dreams. I am proud of all of my colleagues, friends, and myself, for getting to the final finish line. Artcenter changed my life on so many levels, and took me to places I never imagined myself be. So thank you Artcenter, and every one of you who I journeyed with there. You are all a part of my fondest memories.

recently worked on couple of old and new pieces. Also could be found in [Personal Gallery]